We have a number of coaches who have qualified under the British Triathlon system of coaching education. They range from Level 1 (Assistant Coaches), Level 2 (Session Coaches) to Level 3 (with training and ability to advise on long term progression). We are especially very proud of the number and range of Women coaches, now comprising about 50% of the coaching team; though this varies year to year.

Links to all of our coaches can be found below.

Edward Morgan (Head Coach, Level 3 BTF Coach)

Anouska Beaumont (Level 2 BTF Coach)

Mark Binding (Level 2 BTF Coach)

Adrian Colley (Junior Coaching Coordinator, Level 2 BTF Diploma Coach)

Helen Colley (Level 2 BTF Coach)

Tony Dally ( Level 2 BTF Coach)

Allan Gill (Level 2 BTF Coach)

Cathrine Jones (Level 2 BTF Coach)

Sara Morgan (Level 1 BTF Coach)

Richard Price (Level 1 BTF Coach)

Dan Duggan (Level 1 BTF Coach)