Bog and Bryn – 13.7 mile multi terrain race with 1640ft of climbing.

Ros Edmonds has provided a race report from this tough race which took place on the 3rd November and is organised by the Fairwater and Cwmbran runners.

Over to Ros:

I hadn’t done a standalone running event for a few years as my running has gone downhill steadily due to a long term knee problem (and getting older) .  However I was hugely encouraged by a good run at the Gower Triathlon in September so feeling positive decided to enter the Bog and Bryn. I then forgot all about it, had a very social long weekend away and before I knew it, it was a couple of days before the event and I realised I had done no preparation and almost no running for a month!

After weeks of continuous rain it was encouraging to arrive at Cwmbran Stadium in the sunshine.  Approximately 200 of us started with a lap around the field before going off along a few hundred metres of road and pavement, along a canal tow path then, standstill as a queue formed to get over one of the many stiles on the route. We were then onto muddy fields and the ascent started.  The route took us up and up over fields, tracks through forests, across streams and almost scrabbling over rocks.  The scenery was amazing although a bit difficult to appreciate as it was a constant battle to stay upright  given  the conditions underfoot and the need to constantly watch where  your feet were going.   I came across an old running mate from a few years ago and we chatted a little and then leap frogged each other throughout most of the race.  The sun continued to shine and we continued to go up, occasionally getting stuck in mud and trying to yank feet out without losing shoes!  I walked some of the steeper bits as did many others around me.  The atmosphere was friendly and encouraging amongst all the other competitors.

Eventually we started to descend; this was great fun although I was starting to feel tired at this point.  Bouncing down through the mud, through a field of cows I managed to overtake a woman with a strapped up ankle, which apparently she had broken just a couple of months earlier!  Down onto the canal towpath with only a mile or two to go, I was starting to feel my lack of preparation.  I also realised that I should have prepared more by bringing some gels or chocolate bars.  Three cups of cold water were nowhere near enough to sustain me over this event.  Completely drained I managed to slowly jog along the canal tow path where the lady with the broken ankle overtook me!  It wasn’t much further to go and I was back on the field we had run around at the start.  My finish time was 2 hours 46 minutes.  I was exhausted but had really enjoyed it.  I will be back next year, but with a bag of food to keep me going!

There were 183 finishers, the 1st place time was 1 hour 33 and the last place was 3 hours 55.  So this is certainly an event for all abilities.  Fairwater and Cwmbran runners did a fantastic job with over 50 smiling and encouraging marshals on the well marked course.  They must be congratulated on planning a route with so little tarmac.

In summary a fantastic event I would recommend to all.